TheRecklessbam and xxbluntixx

Hey guys it's TheRecklessBam (: xxbluntixx and I need your help with something. If you haven't heard, her and I are doing a mash up together which is basically...

combining our stories and our characters meeting each other etc. What we need your help with is choosing the guys since we both have so many. We can't use all of them though :l

Created by: TRBandxxBluntixx

  1. Hey guys it's TheRecklessBam x (:
  2. So as xxbluntixx told some of you before, her and I are going to be making a mash up of both our stories
  3. We have some of our main guy characters, which are the most popular ones. But we're not using all of our guy characters because we both have a lot and together there would be a lot of guys.
  4. so we need your guys help with the remaining guys. Pick your two favorite, or guys your prefer, out of the list.
  5. My characters Jake, Jack, Adam, Josh, Calisto. And xxbluntixx has Justin left because we've already chosen a few of her guys.
  6. Just comment the two you want to see in the mash up (:
  7. I don't know what else to say :b
  8. Well if you want to know our series is going to be call Infusion
  9. We've planned things out and are doing the best we can with writing since we both still have our own series, it's a little busy.
  10. Okay bye (:

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