Would you be my buddy pal friend dude?

There are many cool and rather acceptable people, but few are those who meet the requirements of being cool enough to be my friend. Do you think you would make the cut?

Do you even know what it takes? Are you brave enough to take this test? If so, you better start now, for it is the only way to be certain. ( insert reality tv show soundtrack)

Created by: Chives

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hewwow, welcome to Noah's feed weviews. Jk fam, welcome to the quiz thing. You signed up for this, so better buckle up and yeah... hi.
  2. So, first official question: How do you feel about the domesticated feline, the cat?
  3. Okay *silently judging you* now that that's off the table (honestly it was the deal breaker) Do you believe in aliens?
  4. Favourite hobby?
  5. How do you feel about wasting resources such as food or paper?
  7. Do you like musicals?
  8. What's your favourite color?
  9. If you had to take one book to a trip
  10. Oh, almost forgot, what are your views on feminism?
  11. Okay, are you a master procrastinator?
  12. Do you believe you are enlightened, or as the kids say, #woke?
  13. What's your zodiac sign element?
  14. Would you die to save a basket of kittens?
  15. Left handed or right handed?
  16. Do you think I'm a girl or a boy?
  17. Okay José, do you speak any other language?
  18. And finally, last question, based on the questions I asked, what do you think about me?
  19. I lied (is it too late to mention I'm a compulsive liar?) I missed you so this is the real last question: WHY?? (Also I'm not actually a compulsive liar, or am I?)
  20. K bye. Love you.

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