R you my type of girl ?

Would we get along or we not ? Sam woke up this morning feeling really sick, he went to the kitchen and made a sandwich for himself, then turned on the speaker and blasted some dance music with the volume totally maxed up. Sam had a good morning.

Are you a dude ? Feel free to answer, I honestly don't mind But Sam went to school in the afternoon. Oh poor Sam, I wish he could've stayed all day listening to his music and chilling.

Created by: Bond. James Bond.
  1. What'd you rather do ?
  2. What sounds really really fun ?
  3. Do you like rock n roll ?
  4. My hair is black as coal and my skin is pale as snow. You down for some donuts ?
  5. ?
  6. How you doin ?
  7. Spain ?
  8. Do you like Hugh Laurie's music ?
  9. Whats your fav movies genre ?
  10. You shall not passss !!!
  11. What is love ?
  12. This is my first quiz. How'd you like it ?

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