Do you know Roger Smith by heart?(American Dad)

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Good morning U.S.A. I've got a feeling that it's gonna be a wonderful day. The sun in the sky have a smile on it's face and it's shining a salute to the

American race. * Plays beat* Oh ! Boy it's swell to ssaayy! Good Morning U.S.A. *Chorus* Good Morning U.S.A. A funny adult sitcome/cartoon. Be sure to watch it.

Created by: TayuyaTerra

  1. Let's start: What persona is he when he appears for the first time,season 1,episode1?
  2. In what episode does Roger 'supposedly die'?
  3. When Roger leaves the house for the first time, what persona is he in?
  4. When Roger tries out for a part in a film, season 3, episode 1. What persona is he in?
  5. What persona helps the Smith family with their mental problems?
  6. What persona does Roger potray when he goes to war in Iraq?
  7. What pesona gets molested by another persona of Roger Smith?
  8. What persona does Roger use to get married with Stan's mother?
  9. What person teaches Steve Smith how to get laid?
  10. In the Episode where Steve gets his first pube, how old does Roger turn?
  11. Who is Roger's best friend?
  12. How many people lives with Roger in his attic?
  13. When the smith's go to Famlyland what song does Roger sing?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Roger Smith by heart?(American Dad)