how American are you?

It is estimated that there are 300 million Americans, but seriously, how many are there, really? Are you an American? would you like to find out? Think about ways to improve yourself!

Are you a real American? What about your friends, maybe questionable in laws? There s only one way to find out for sure, and that is to take the test!

Created by: mike

  1. Who do you consider was a political prisoner?
  2. How many branches of government are there?
  3. If I was an actor I would want to be...
  4. How many U.S senators does each State have?
  5. How many original colonies were there?
  6. My favorite drink is...
  7. True or false: Belief in God has been a part of our nation's founding.
  8. True or false: Assault weapons should be banned along with high capacity magazines.
  9. As an American I think corporations should...
  10. The form of government in the United States is:

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Quiz topic: How American am I?