what type of toy are you

i made this quiz cause i like quizing people i am verry mysterious and cannot spell hello goodbye good morning good evening good night beep bop

i made this cause i love toys and i wont to find out what most people are like. i am just a tad crazy but it runs in the family plus i love making things. mustaches rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: alizabff
  1. If a child was running around at a park and then fell over would you:
  2. what would you do if you won $100000000
  3. what sort of house would you like to live in?
  4. do you know or have any idea what a squishy is?
  5. what toy do you think you would rather be?
  6. out of these what is your fave
  7. which of these describes your friends the best
  8. do you think this quiz is annoying
  9. if this was the second last question what would you think
  10. which letter does your name start with
  11. this is not the last question

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Quiz topic: What type of toy am I