You probably think you know but you definetley don't... quiz

This quiz is about the two coolest girls in the universe, you probably don't know THAT much about them because theyre extra creepy and no one knows how weird they REALLY are. If you actually do you might be the THIRD coolest person in the world, might be.

Are you ready to take the quiz? Remember to think like THEM if you don't know the answer. That would probably be hard though because they are insanly different than the rest of the people in the world, but hey give it a shot.

Created by: ThunderMonkey

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  1. What is Kristen's Nickname?
  2. What is Kristen's Nickname?
  3. What is Shay's Nickname?
  4. How do they talk to eachother without using words.
  5. What will they most likely talk about if you are near them when they are together.
  6. What would be considered hypocombustible?
  7. Shay thinks you should always put your _____ on before your makeup.
  8. When you go over Kristen's house for the first time what will probably occur.
  9. When shay realizes she's walking in a parking lot and talking to herself because kristen suddenly dissappeared, What does shay do?
  10. Which one fell off the BACK of the bus freshman year, in front of the whole school?
  11. If they could, where would they live for the rest of their life?
  12. Where do big fat girls chase us?
  13. Could YOU be a pBp?

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