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This is just a little something to get to know me. I am pretty sure you didn't know at least two of these things if you did good for you,you must be a close friend then.

So I hope you enjoy the quiz. Please be respectful of the quiz. And like they say you learn something new every day. Please comment and rate okie dokie. XD :P

Created by: meep da first

  1. First of all my real name is Elizabeth
  2. my favorite flavor of ice cream is...cookies & cream
  3. I like to play the piano and the oboe.(you can google what an oboe is)
  4. I have two dogs.A chihuahua(Tomas)and a chihuahua/poodle mix(jewel).
  5. I live in Texas.i wont tell you were though.XD
  6. I picked the picture because he says meep. XD
  7. I have dark brown hair,dark brown eyes,and you could say i'm kinda pale.But im going to spend the rest of my summer in the sun soooo... :)
  8. I have three siblings, two younger sisters(they are twins)and one older brother.:)
  9. I like to be social and have lots of friends.
  10. If i had one word to describe myself it would be "outgoing"
  11. I hope you comment or rate this quiz!

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