How much do you know about P!nk?

Many people have heard of p!nk. But do you know enough about the famous pop/rock/punk singer? After all you never know how you will score in my quiz.

Are you a P!nk fan? How much do you know about her? Find out in meep da first's quiz! Take the quiz to find out in a few short minuets.

Created by: meep da first

  1. Where was P!nk born?
  2. What year was P!nk born?
  3. What is P!nk's real name?
  4. What age did P!nk start writing her own songs?
  5. What award did P!nk receive for best "female rock vocal performance"?
  6. Which year was "There you go" released?
  7. Which genre that P!nk does NOT sing
  8. what year did the album "Fun house" come out?
  9. "The truth about love" was released what year?
  10. Do you think you will get a good score for this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about P!nk?