Which Punk Rock Music Icon Are You?

Welcome...to the Greatest Quiz Unearthed! (Who gets that reference) Anyway, this is quiz about what Punk Rock music icon you are! Gerard, Billie, Amy Lee, or Brendon?

So, which band is your favorite? Which member? You could be sassy, charming, helpful, or hot. What do you want? Choose wisely, for there is no going back...

Created by: Lemonsnout

  1. You see someone trip and drop a lot of things. What do you do?
  2. Choose a Song:
  3. Hair that you want or have:
  4. Outfit:
  5. Color:
  6. Weapon of choice:
  7. Best way to die:
  8. Open a door for an old woman:
  9. Mad at someone:
  10. Someone says "I'm not okay!"
  11. End. Who do you wanna get?

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Quiz topic: Which Punk Rock Music Icon am I?