Do you know modern music? (pop)

There are many people who listen to modern pop. Are you one of those people? Do you know your modern music? Just take my fast and easy quiz. You will find out very soon.

Do you think you know your modern op? You will only find out in 12 quick, easy, and short questions. Artist like Icona pop, Taylor Swift, Robin Thicke, and so many more are in clued-ed.

Created by: meep da first

  1. Who sings "Blow Me One Last Kiss"?
  2. Who sings "Thrift Shop"?
  3. Who sings "Get lucky"?
  4. What album is the "Can' Hold Us" in?
  5. Who sings "Next To Me"?
  6. Who sings "I Love It"?
  7. Imagine Dragons sings "...paint it red, to fit right in..." In which song?
  8. Who sings "Moves Like Jagger"?
  9. Taylor Swift sings "It feels like a perfect night, to dress up like hipsters..."
  10. Robin Thicke's most recent song is...

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Quiz topic: Do I know modern music? (pop)