How Well Do You Know Kpop?

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You love kpop! You can't live without it! Kpop is a part of your life now! You will visit South Korea! You will maybe marry a Korea! You just love Koreans!

You don't really like kpop. Kpop is just a thing you may get into later in life. You won't visit South Korea meanwhile you are young. Jk you probably will go to SK.

Created by: Sandii of I have none
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What year was kpop envented?.-.
  2. Are you into kpop? Or jpop?
  3. Who do you like best!!?
  4. Do you plan on visiting South Korea?
  5. What's your favorite kpop male group?
  6. What's your favorite female group?
  7. Do you know kpop?
  8. Do you like kpop concerts?
  9. What year was Got7 made?
  10. Do you plan on liking/loving kpop your whole life? ^^

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