which kpop idol you fit best with

this quiz shows you your own personality and who your personality matches. do you know which kpop idol best fit for? this will show you who most resembles you. don't you want to know who you match in the kpop world?!

are you cute, athletic, smart, funny or just extremely talented? once you take this you will know which kpop idol you should pay attention to. without this quiz you cant see who you resemble. so please just take a few minuets and find out!

Created by: imakpoplova
  1. what do you want in a guy
  2. what would you do if you had 24 hours to live
  3. how would you want him to react if other guys were showing interest in you (if only this would really happen)
  4. who would you want to spend time with the most if you only had one hour to live
  5. what do you do during your free time
  6. what animal would you compare yourself to
  7. which of these choices best describes you
  8. if you were a food which food would you be
  9. what are you
  10. whats your favorite band(s)

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