Which Kpop female idol is your soulmate?

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This quiz will reveal who your soulmate is in the kpop world, or who you would get along with the most if you had the chance. You might even discover your new ult bias.

The results will reveal who is most suited to you, afterwards if you don't know who your result is, you could try looking the name up to even end up stanning ;).

Created by: Unknown User
  1. What country are you from?
  2. What is the most prominent aspect for you when choosing your bias in a group?
  3. Choose an animal..
  4. What trait is important to you?
  5. Choose a colour..
  6. Ideal outing?
  7. What do you prefer more?
  8. What describes your personality best?
  9. Most used app?
  10. lastly what type of people do you not get along with?

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Quiz topic: Which Kpop female idol is my soulmate?