How Much Do You Know About A.C.E? (K-Pop Group)

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A.C.E is one of my fave kpop groups ever! Take this quiz to see how much you know about this extremely underrated boy group! (trying to get to 150 characters sorry for this thing in parentheses lol)

i need to get to 150 characters ignore this paragraph! sjnfjnjnjs j csc s d s ds . hkth f. s ,h f g,d s a,a also who's your a.c.e bias? mine is junhee lol

Created by: HyukasPlushies

  1. Who is the leader of A.C.E?
  2. "I'm cutie maknae _________" What is the blank?
  3. Which is the most common A.C.E ship?
  4. What song did A.C.E debut with?
  5. What day did A.C.E debut on?
  6. When was the A.C.E lightstick released?
  7. What does A.C.E stand for?
  8. What is A.C.E's official fandom name?
  9. As of the time this quiz was made, A.C.E have 2 Japanese songs. What are they called?
  10. What song are these English lyrics from? "Ayy girl I see you on the low low, eyyy, so hot she banging like a bongo, let me go, got me strung like Santana"
  11. Who is the tallest member of A.C.E?
  12. Who is the shortest member of A.C.E?
  13. Who is the oldest member of A.C.E?
  14. Which member of A.C.E promoted with UNB for a while?
  15. How many members are in A.C.E?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About A.C.E? (K-Pop Group)