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  • "Me:makes an ' official thread ',no one posts in it Also me:makes s---post thread , Everybody: Real s---?!? I think "
  • Minecraft: The Way Home
    "(Oof my b didn't realize it wasn't my turn just put this in place of mine when it gets there""
  • Minecraft: The Way Home
    "Xin starts to make a strip mine found down to y 13 while he starts mining a stair case he finds some coal and crafts torches making twenty w..."
  • I am a loser who
    "Yo bands sorry I wasn't here to catch this when you first posted all this but I'm glad I checked the lounge, I'm not gonna act "
  • "Lol not you Paige"
  • "Xin says "come on guys" point to the horizon "we're really screwed if we got no shelter before dark" he said as he started to dig into a nea..."
  • "Chress waves back to val whii he continues to line the stairs with streamers reaching the top and seeing val at the window talking to her au..."
  • "Okay so 1."you're hurting peoples feelings" 2. typing in all caps to 'yell' 3. Depression s--- posts 4. Inter"
  • "Xin returns with some wood and asks the same question as he starts to craft tools"
  • "Sorry for the late reply guys I haven't been feeling well for a while I'll try to keep posting frequently as possible) Chress c"
  • The Minefield
    "Still frazzled but hanging out with the bois has helped"
  • "Chress began setting his boxes down and walked the halls of the mansion putting up streamers with a tape dispenser he pulled from his sheath..."
  • Minecraft: The Way Home
    "That's fine with me) Xin stares at his hands and blinks He then looks around and at his friends realizing that they should get "
  • "Chress said hey to Kenny with a smile as he picked up his boxes Chress was surprised at first but gained his composure just in "
  • Minecraft: The Way Home
    "Xin clicked the server and waited as it loaded before he was sucked into the screen he didn't know what was going on so he yelled for help a..."

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