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  • 1 word story
  • "https://youtu.be/ZVTB9iRrDnQ"
  • The Minefield
    "That conflict will damage things between me and his handsome brother. Just as if me and boyfriend could have any more s---."
  • "Eh i guess being honest would be a step in the right direction. Ive found myself back in the pits of depression and some rela"
  • No Subject
    "But of course whenever I say I can't help you that doesn't mean I couldn't help you understand but giving someone the answers to a quiz or s..."
  • No Subject
    "Sorry to burst your bubble buddy but I can't help you and even if I could I wouldn't education is something that needs to be learned"
  • "My night was a headache"
  • "I guess what im trying to say is im sorry for being a c---"
  • The Minefield
    "Right PSA I don't care if you people and the rest of the world find yourselves in a grave. Those who I'm okay with know w"
  • "Skyrim GTA Neximon Those are pretty much the only few games I've been playing recently."
  • Have you played
    "To be honest, it's just a spin off of insta life which I used to play the hell out of."
  • "I denounce Florida because of the heat, I denounce Florida because of the people who live here, I denounce Florida because it's the place wh..."
  • "So chances are, you're not gonna see this considering you've probably used these forms is just a way to go over the political spectrum quiz..."
  • The Minefield
    "Alright Buddy listen here, I don't care how close we have been in the past if you're going to deliberately try to stop something that has b..."
  • "*merman lmao And I highly doubt that my grandson is one"

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