How well do you know the Crusades

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This quiz will test whether or not you are a Crusader. They are many who wish to be a Crusader, and many will be blessed by the Lord, whom resides in Heaven, Jesus Christ.

This quiz will have questions relating to the Crusades. From the history of the Crusades to the enemies of Christendom, you will need your Holy Bible, Sword, and Cross for this quiz. Also, this is my first quiz here, so feel free to comment on my quiz, as long as it's civil. Then again, the Internet is anarchy.

Created by: PatrioticGamer76

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  1. Which Pope called the First Crusade?
  2. What was the objective of the Crusades?
  3. Were the Crusades a response to 400 years of Islamic Aggression?
  4. How many Crusades were there?
  5. What were the three main military orders of the Crusades?
  6. What were the main enemies of the Christians during the Crusades?
  7. Which Crusade saw the destruction of Constantinople?
  8. What meme was inspired by the Crusades? (Hint: It was a battle cry)
  9. How did you like this quiz?
  10. Let's keep it civil in the comments, shall we?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Crusades