how much do you know about the United States?

how well do you know the usa? well, i live in the usa, so i can answer all of these. if you dont live here, thats ok, you still can take it whether you want to or you dont. if you want to move here, you should take this quiz

in this quiz, it asks you important things that happened in history, like what year did the awful 9/11 terrorist attack happen i was only a month old when that happened

Created by: lilsavage

  1. when was the united states navy made?
  2. when was pearl harbor attacked? (day and year)
  3. when did the world trade centers collapse?(day and year)
  4. when did the us join ww1
  5. when did the us join ww2
  6. true or false, america stoped the holocaust?
  7. where were the first 16 states?
  8. who was president during ww2
  9. who makes the items for the us
  10. who is the president now

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the United States?