Where should you live in the United States?

Have you ever wondered where in the United States you should live? Do you want a confident answer, and to prove that you want to move there...Or maybe you will take this quiz to the next step and actually move there!

Where do you NEED to live in the United States? Well, definetly take this quiz to find out. The Choices are Colorado, California, Hawaii, and Montana...Comment and Rate...

Created by: 99Glamorous
  1. Where do you like going on vacation to?
  2. What's a typical outfit you would where in ANY place.
  3. What is your hobby/dream hobby?
  4. Pick a state out of these.
  5. Pick another state out of these.
  6. Your family decides to go to Colorado on vacation. What do you want to do there?
  7. Your friends invite you along on a few-day trip to California! What'cha gonna do there first?
  8. Hey, now the rest of the questions don't count. How did you like the quiz?
  9. Are you gonna rate it 10 Stars?
  10. So, comment and please tell me if I should make more like this!

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Quiz topic: Where should I live in the United States?