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  • savage bar
    "Why do I bother coming back"
  • savage bar
    "My grandparents have COVID 😞"
  • savage bar
    "This site is so dead I remember when this site was roaring active like 5 years ago"
  • savage bar
    "Ight *pours vodka in shot glass* Here you go *gives you glass*"
  • savage bar
    "A bar that has been running for 5 years"
  • savage bar
    "Yes a bar"
  • savage bar
  • savage bar
    "f--- my ass"
  • Anyone got a switch?
    "I added you"
  • savage bar
    "I already did 😂"
  • savage bar
    "I love how I really thought setting up a fake bar was funny 4 years ago 😂 when I was 14 years old 😂"
  • savage bar
    "Yo it’s story time So back when I made this account 5 years ago my dad wouldn’t let me talk to people or have any friends. For years."
  • savage bar
    "s--- was dumb empty"
  • savage bar
    "Yo should I check my quotev? 😂"
  • savage bar
    "So damn sensitive"

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