How Well Do You Know Darth Vader's Suit?

There are many Star Wars fans out there in the world. Are you a die hard fan of Star Wars? Take this quiz to find out if you really are a fan of the movie saga.

Do you know everything there is to know about Darth Vader's suit? There are many things to know about this legendary character's suit of Darth Vader take the quiz?

Created by: lilsavage
  1. Does his suit have a serial number?
  2. Darth Vader was offered a new suit in 0BBY but he couldn't have it, why?
  3. What does Darth Vader shine his helmet with?
  4. Why couldn't Vader sleep?
  5. Darth Vader felt like he had to use the force to move, true or false.
  6. Why couldn't Darth Vader lift his lightsaber over his head?
  7. True or false Darth Vader has lightning proof insulation in his suit.
  8. How many layers does his suit have?
  9. What would have been the easiest way to stop Vader?
  10. True or false Vader's helmet can deflect blaster bolts.

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