woter snaek, the son of god

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this is a quiz to see how devoted u r to rhe true christ, woter snaek. he gives us life. his mother is god. she provides all for us. love them both, they love u

have you ever thought that maybe u aren’t devoted to woter snaek? maybe this quiz is for you, faithless heathen. but if u are devoted to god she will bless u

Created by: zeronightshade

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  1. God said to her son, “Oh my fair boi, I am proud, you became so pretty”
  2. woter snaek is longe woter snaek green woter snaek burn leik fier
  3. woter snaek holey aitem is teh mouse and teh froge
  4. you may be wondered “why is this man talking about snakes?”
  5. Is the belief in my deity really so important that everyone else should care?
  6. I guess not.
  7. I cannot trust god’s words anymore. She hurt me.
  8. If you asked if she’s hot, leave. I do not sexualize my god. >:(
  9. ...You’ve seen my notebook?! how? n-not like I care!
  10. leave me alone, bully
  11. i cant now... ive ruined her sanctity
  12. but I AM woter snaek

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