Are you stupid?

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Hey there, S_N here with another quiz. I am going to test your stupidity. If you fail this quiz, you really are quite the idiot. You should go back to school if that is the case.

With this quiz, you are going to answer very simplistic preschool questions. They will be so easy, my four year old brother will ace this. My five year old sister will get one hundred percent.

Created by: S_N

  1. What is the colour of the sky?
  2. Grass is what colour?
  3. How are you?
  4. The sun is hot.
  5. Fish swim.
  6. When it rains, the grass gets wet.
  7. The earth is flat.
  8. Carnivores eat plants.
  9. Anime is what?
  10. When the sun goes down and the stars come out, what time of day is it?
  11. Rooster screams.
  12. Chainsaw.
  13. If it kills you when you ingest it then it is?
  14. Boom!
  15. Goodnight.
  16. Good Morning
  17. Hello
  18. Good bye.
  19. Thank you.
  20. smurfs are?
  21. I see with my?
  22. Heartless?

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Quiz topic: Am I stupid?