Are you a gentleman?

Somepeople are born gentlemen others aren't some are mean't to be a balance aka themselves we'll see if you're worthy of the title of gentleman or worthy of your own title only you can decide.

Take this short questionare(don't think that's how it's spelled XD) to find out whether you are or not so be cool and take the quiz if you dare ... dundundun nah jk it's not that scary but seriously why are you still reading just go already...if you dare dun dun dun but seriously this getting boring just go

Created by: AceAlpha of AceSquad
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  1. Are you a virgin?
  2. Have you ever taken a girl on an actual date?
  3. If you had a billion dollars what would you spend it on?
  4. How would you propose to a girl?
  5. Eggs bacon grits...
  6. Choose a music style.
  7. Choose what you eat on a date
  8. You're average diner bill on a date is..
  9. Choose your gentleman level
  10. How do you end a date?

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Quiz topic: Am I a gentleman?