Are you a TRUE Gentlemen?

For men this is a good test to see if you are truly a gentleman. Plus, as you take the quiz and read the results you will learn the true qualities of a gentleman.

For women you can still take the test and answer the questions as your man would to see if he qualifies as a gentleman, and if he is truly worthy of a visit to the Parent(s).

Created by: Billy
  1. Do you hold the door to ANY AND EVERY building and EVERY TIME?
  2. Are you willing to pay the dinner bill every time?
  3. Are you respectful to Older people no matter what they say (no matter what does not include racist comments)?
  4. Have you ever taken your date to a fast food restaurant?
  5. Should pull the seat out for a women always be done and almost second nature?
  6. Fighting in the name of your ladie is considered honorable (i agree), but when "taking care of business", do you need to be with her?
  7. It is ok to talk about a women to "The Guys". Yea or Nea?
  8. BE HONEST! When on a date do your eyes "STRAY" to another women, more than twice.
  9. The Situation: You are enjoying a nice meal with your date and you notice someone (a dude) checking her out. You go over to him. And you...
  10. Both your girlfriend and mother want to have dinner with you. Who do you choose?
  11. Say you are married: When making a decision you should...

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE Gentlemen?