Which of Jane Austen's Gentlemen Would You End up With?

Jane Austen has been credited with inventing the romance novel, as well as influencing ideas of modern dating. Though these claims are certainly debatable, the attractiveness of her major heroes is largely agreed to be indisputible.

If you had your choice, which of Austen's heroes would you like to catch? Do you covet the brooding, arrogant Mr. Darcy or the jovial Mr. Bingley? Would you suffer a long time for love or grab your chance whatever the costs? Which of Austen's gentlemen is your smartest match?

Created by: Alice
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  1. Like most elegantly bred females you live at home surrounded by the companionship of your family. What are your feelings toward them in general?
  2. Every Austen heroine needs a close confidante to help (or hinder) her in her adventures. What is yours like?
  3. Now for the interesting bit: You meet your destined gentleman for the first time. Describe the meeting:
  4. Every heroine has a hobby. What is yours?
  5. Not all of Austen's heroines have the same ethical code - if you were in a potentially compromising situation with a young man, what would you do?
  6. As Austen shows only too clearly, no one is without imperfections. What would you say is the most glaring of your gentleman's pecadillos?
  7. We've revealed the weaknesses of your literary intended, now it's your turn. What is your worst fault?
  8. Generally most of Austen's heroines are well read ladies. Which of these authors would you be most likely to quote often?
  9. The course of true love never did run smooth; therefore, what would you be willing to face or overcome to make your match work?
  10. Austen's men perform many heroic deeds, both grand and small, in the service of their ladies. Which would rescue would you be most likely to require?
  11. We've discussed the gentlemen's weaknesses, now what would you say your gentleman's greatest quality is?
  12. Finally, all of Austen's books end with a marriage of some kind. What are your feelings on the subject?

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