A Good Ideal Date

There are gentlemen and people who don't care about anything about how a date wants to be treated so a gentle men is someone who acts an a appropriate way around girls which are their dates.

ARE you a true gentlemen? do you have the skills for a ideal date? but thanks to this great idea i came up with you can find out in 4 minutes and you will find out in a quality of look at the main time it can take 4 Minutes

Created by: Taylor

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  1. What should you do when arriving at a table with your date?
  2. Were is a good place for dinner
  3. What would be a good place for fun
  4. Would you show your date/girlfriend in public
  5. What is an approprite talk over anything
  6. If you ever stare at each other what would you do
  7. How do you greet your date
  8. what type of transportation would you take your date on and remember some where so she wouldn't get embarressed from her friends
  9. when you are about to leave the place and heading to the car and arrive what do you do
  10. when you arrive at her house what do you say and what do you do

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