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  • hey guys
    "Got this awful cold and I have to breath through my damn mouth, not fun. Hello all"
  • hey guys
    "Eh I'm okay I'm kinda sick so I'm just binging youtube on my computer hehe Hbu?"
  • hey guys
  • "Yo not sure how long it'll take Hicc to read this But like, if you remember Cherrywhisker/Cherrywhisker 2 Then you"
  • The Graveyard
    "Helloooo How is everyone?"
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Wednesday thanked Min-Joon and walked into his apartment. When she noticed he was pausing by the door, she grabbed both his hands and pulled..."
  • Discarded Hearts
    ""I'll be fine. Min is next door, I have a phone. Thank you, Mark." Wednesday kissed his cheek and hopped out of the car. She waved to Mark a..."
  • Discarded Hearts
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Wednesday smiled at the pet name and hopped in beside Mark. "Hurry, please. I think I might pass out. Stressful day, y'know?" She lay back i..."
  • Discarded Hearts
    "**Running over to Min-Joon, desperate to make him listen, she dashed in front of him. When she saw the tears, she almost had a a heart attac..."
  • Discarded Hearts
    "Yeah sorry I was in a rush here I'll rewrite) Wednesday reached over to take Mark's hand, but just as their fingertips made con"
  • I'm still here
  • I'm still here
    "Hi! I'm still here! (Yes. Yes I am.)"
  • 2018 Time Capsule
    "Waddup If I'm still on this site then congrats, you made an achievement! Tell me, who died in The Walking Dead? "

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