Silver linings and a rainbow around the corner~

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Thread Topic: Silver linings and a rainbow around the corner~

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    //FYI, if you have seen this plot before or something like it, you would be correct. On my older account, I uploaded a plot similar to this one but it didn't kick off, so I'm posting again :)//

    C1, C2 and C3 have been inseparable since they were kids, but now that they're older, things are getting a little more complicated. C1 is gay. Nobody knows, but they are developing feelings for C2. They have plans to tell C2, but they're desperate to find the right time. They don't know how to tell C2. Another problem arises too. C3 has a huge crush on C1, and has done for quite some time. How will the three best friends work this out?

    Extra characters (If you'd like)
    ~C1's older brother
    ~C2's younger sister
    ~C3's younger brother
    ~The school bully (homophobic, maybe?)
    ~C2's twin brother
    ~C2's lover
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    Can I be C3?
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    BulletBaby Novice
    I'll set up a template for CC

    Everyday style/clothes:
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    Can you make your character first so I have something to compare it to?
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    BulletBaby Novice
    Of course!

    Name: Bailey Filler
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Role: C1
    Looks: Black hair with red streaks. Big blue eyes and a very small nose. Her lips are full and pink and her body is small. Her skin is pale and she always has winged eyeliner.
    Personality: Shy, preserved. Extremely caring, always there for someone in need. Tends to love too much - gives herself up too easily, trusts too much. She's very funny too, has a dark sense of humour that she keeps hidden underneath her shy and quiet 'shell'. However despite all this, her anger is explosive - she has been known to become violent and shouts when provoked.
    Everyday style/clothes: A cropped black adidas hoody and ripped jeans, along with some custom-painted converse (they're The Walking Dead themed)
    Sleepwear - usually just an oversized t-shirt but sometimes wears disney pyjamas
    Bio: Her parents are hardly around but when they are, they spoil Bailey silly. Bailey hates that.
    Other: She's obsessed with FRIENDS and The Walking Dead. Some call her psychotic, and all she does is agree.
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    BulletBaby Novice
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    Name: Mark Goldberg
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Role: C3
    Personality: Geeky, kind, smart, friendly
    Everyday style/clothes: Black Overwatch hat, Breath of the Wild hoodie, blue jeans, checkered sneakers, assorted gaming shirts, Golden Freddy backpack
    Sleepwear: Green Military shirt, plaid pants
    Bio: I got nothing right now
    Other: He is level 201 in Overwatch and is a Bastion main
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    BulletBaby Novice
    I love Overwatch lol
    We just need to wait for a C2, do you know anyone?
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    I could ask some friends on Quotev
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    BulletBaby Novice
    Cool :)
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    Lucy shytime Senior
    Mind if I join the party?
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    Not at all! You want C2 or are you wanting one of the filler characters?

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