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  • "A long time ago, an ancient civilization was under siege by the appearance of a large creature they called Gojira. In response, they created..."
  • Fantasia Academy of Monsters
    "Mineko said "Well, that evens up the odds, but I hope you know a giant or someone who can grow big. That's the only way it will be fair to f..."
  • To the Worlds Heart
    "Armargosa repeatedly jumped on and off walls, chasing the humans, making karate poses for intimidation. He spat another web trap at the huma..."
  • "Avalon patted Finn's head and made sure he was okay before he followed everyone to the living room. He said "I could understand that.""
  • 5
    "Alice said "I'll stay here with Adonis, you guys go and get something." While she was being nice here, in truth, she was now looking for any..."
  • To the Worlds Heart
    "(Awesome) Armargosa readied his arms to attack the invading humans. He will defend himself against the humans. He didn't know w"
  • "Jack sighed relief at the human form. He wondered what he would look like as a human. Freyja thought and said "I think it would just be easi..."
  • "I need Ryker and Charlie in the Hybrid Club pronto"
  • WOTSTW: Avalon's Story
    "Avalon finally made it down when he was ambushed by an entire group of drows. They tied him down to a pole and began to carry him away. He s..."
  • "Avalon could tell Finn was upset and held him close to him. He wanted to make him feel at least a little better cause he wasn't exactly sure..."
  • "Name: Leo Barton Age: 3000, looks and acts 18 Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Nationality: Polynesian Appeara"
  • To the Worlds Heart
    "(Hey, SE, would it be okay if there was some kind of romance between our characters?) Armargosa said "Isn't it obvious? There a"
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  • "Magie, you're back. I don't know for how long but I'm not gonna worry about it and join this roleplay. Can I be C2"

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