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  • "(That would probably all he could get that would help.) Agent X said "That would in fact be advantageous for our cause.""
  • "(I don't think there is anything you can give Agent X. Unless you want him to fly or give him an alt mode of some sort.) Agent "
  • Talented traitors.
    "April answered "Sure. Why not?""
  • Best fast food place?
    "I think it's only in Texas, but I think Raising Cane's is the best."
  • "Don't know what's the matter with Greninja but okay. Anyone else?"
  • Monsters Aren't Real
    "Name: Ken Age: 28 Gender: Male Personality: Loner, cold, deceptive, secretive, Appearance: He has no legs, just a s"
  • "Agent X couldn't find anything abnormal about the tree person. Nothing in there biology indicated they were in distress."
  • "For those of you who don't know, which is everyone because I don't advertise it much, I have a YouTube channel under a different name from m..."
  • Monsters Aren't Real
    "Can I join?"
  • Talented traitors.
    "(No problem.) April said "Maybe not, but it has gotten me this far, so I'm not inclined to complain.""
  • Talented traitors.
    "(Well what I mean by unmatched intellect, I meant April has yet to find an equal. That's not to say she won't get one over the course of the..."
  • "Agent X looked at the strange looking humanoid and started to scan her. He was trying to detect any anomalies in the person's biology."
  • Talented traitors.
    "April said "I have unmatched intellect. I am smarter that most people who are my age. That's to say nothing of my strategic plans and my hac..."
  • Talented traitors.
    "Daniel soon fell into deep slumber. April took the girl's hand, shook it and said "My name is April. It is nice to meet you too"
  • "(It's your roleplay bro. You decide.) Agent X said "I am designed to help the cause in any way possible. Abnormal weaponry is p"

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