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  • "Chuck sat down next to Raven with Princess in his arms. Princess didn't like her Pokeball and just preferred to be with Chuck. Drake snuck h..."
  • Escape from area 51
    "Name: Beetle Bugish Age: 27 for his species Gender: Male Species: Bugface Appearance: Six compound eyes, round kind "
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    "Alice said "Those are pretty cool names. But they pale in comparison to mine. Call me Wild Girl" and she then changed her arms to bear claws..."
  • Escape from area 51
    "Simplistic. Count me in."
  • "(It's just the starter that needed to be Dark, Ghost or Poison. Any other Pokémon you plan to catch can be whatever type you wish, so long a"
  • Escape from area 51
    "Sounds interesting. What's the plot?"
  • The System {Group RP}
    "(Okay.) X answered "I am not fully sure I myself can answer that question. I am not supposed to have sentience and yet I have a"
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    "Alice rolled up her sleeves and said "Alright, let's get this party started." Alice then thought "Wait, should we also come up with names ri..."
  • "Daisuke went into his room and there to greet him as always was Drake, his Skorupi. Daisuke picked Drake up, put him on his shoulder and sai..."
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    "Alice said "That makes sense.""
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    "Alice said "I can talk to animals and use animal abilities by thinking about them." She thought My dream has finally been realized."
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    "Alice said "I tried to think of two different animals last night to see if I could mix powers. It didn't work. It seems I can only do one an..."
  • "(Aspen, Arwyn, Ani, Avalon, we sure have a lot of characters whose names start with A, don't we?) Avalon ignored the comment ab"
  • "Daisuke said "Jet, shut it. We'll discuss the plan when we get on the plane. Everyone just go to your quarters and get what you need and onl..."
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    "Alice nodded as she looked around. She then said "I agree. We don't know what all we can do. I mean we just found out this morning that Yume..."

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