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  • "Ken asked "Why would Godzilla be returning?" Dr. Sakurai said "We're not sure. We're not even sure it is Gojira. The description from onlook..."
  • "Avalon let go of Sin. He was curious as to why it would be a bad idea to touch him. He asked Sin"Why is that?""
  • "Ken walked in with Demeter and sat down. The Head of the Center, Dr. Junichi Sakurai, came in and said "Good morning everyone. There is no p..."
  • "Ken saw Demeter as he came in. He said "Good morning, Demeter. You seem tired today." One of their coworkers came to them and said "Hey, doc..."
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    "Alice said "Well my dad's truck is back at the hospital. If he gives me the keys again, I'm sure we could just take it." She started hearing..."
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    "Alice said "Sounds good to me. I think Akumu really needs a place to sit." She then started hearing something. It sounded like voices, comin..."
  • "Ken made himself some cereal and talked with his sister about the job listings she was finding. He said he could try and get her a job at Mo..."
  • "Avalon helped Sin up and said to Zerath "So sorry to see you go, my friend. Maybe someday our paths will cross again. I wish you good luck t..."
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    "Alice answered the worker "I don't know about most of us, but our friend Akumu seems to be one worse of it." She pointed at Akumu and contin..."
  • "Ken woke up a little groggy and walked to the kitchen. Persephone was in the kitchen, eating some cereal and looking at the job listings on ..."
  • "(Well, it's not like anyone else was gonna use it. Plus there was more than just one so Ken figured one missing wasn't going to matter.)..."
  • "Avalon said "I don't know anything about magic, unfortunately. No nagas do." Indeed nagas are a more technical race, usually preferring to m..."
  • "Ken drove his car to his house. He remembered he found a comma shaped stone made of an unknown metal along with the rune. He figured it woul..."
  • "Ken said "I think she knows that, but she still hates that it happened. Hopefully I can help her get back on her feet." Soon they both reach..."
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    "Alice said "Other than an absolutely, bloody, horrendous headache when I woke up, I'm okay. I still wonder what that lad in the black clothe..."

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