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  • "( Okay, ignoring them, turn order is decided by first come, first serve. I'll go first to set it u..."
  • "Role: C5 Name: Humrion Bistoth Age: 37 Gender: Male Species: Orc-Elf hybrid with goblin ancestry Home Planet: "
  • "Well, I waited, no one else seem to want in on this. So I'll just make a another character."
  • "If no one else joins by Saturday, I'll make another character and start this."
  • 5
    "Alice looked at the tentacled guy and said "I'll show you not nice." And she transformed her arms into octopus tentacles to match the oppone..."
  • "Jessie asked "Well I would like to know how much. Just so I know how much I'm potentially risking my life for." Logan said "Do not worry abo..."
  • "(I'm at a loss this time for what to say. Y'all just skip me.)"
  • To reclaim my kingdom.
    "Kenzie would be Intellect and Robin would be Bravery."
  • "Mineko came up to the sleeping Ms. Frey and said "Wake up miss. We don't want to disturb you with our fight." Ryker said " I am"
  • Hey Katqueen
    "The red goblins waited until Hunter exited his house and then once he was out, they set fire to it. Then the havoc raged on. Af"
  • Hey Katqueen
    "Annabelle said "Okay, just be careful of entrails and blood, they'll be everywhere." The goblins were very destructive in their mayhem. Anyo..."
  • "Avalon said to Gineye "Don't worry, I'll carry you." Once the boat lurched again and Arwyn explained the situation, Avalon now became more f..."
  • Death
    "Finally Mishel got angry and had enough of Eldgrimir's tricks. With one lucky fireball, she screamed "HADOUKEN!" and hit Eld right in the ce..."
  • "Do it, girl."
  • To reclaim my kingdom.
    "Name: Gideon Barnum Age: 23 Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Race: Human Class: Paleontologist Necromancer"

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