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  • Soap?
    "A portal in an alleyway opened up far away from human eyes. Out of the portal, came an armor clad knight known as Brian. He was given orders..."
  • Soap?
    "Name: Brian Adveral Age: 18 Gender: Male Appearance: "
  • "Finn thought about his old acquaintances, Famine and NightTerror. He wondered what they might be doing. He grabbed his phone to see if he st..."
  • "(Alright, we can start now. There won't be a turn order unless we need one.) A long time ago, Finn had little to worry about. H"
  • "Name: Finn Allen Warren Villain Name: Infinite Age: 35 Gender: Male Sexuality: Straight Power: Thanks to a spa"
  • The Silent Sea Inn
    "Beetle said "Alright." and he kept filling out orders to the people. He got to Jaxx and said "Meeting at elven. Tell everyone.""
  • "Yeah"
  • "Yes."
  • Soap?
    "Either one is fine."
  • Soap?
    "Okay. Make your character. They're the new king."
  • "It's 20XX (Insert numbers there, it's the future, who gives a f---) and crime is rampant. Self-appointed 'heroes' scatter in an attempt to p..."
  • Soap?
    "Character Sheet: Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Clothes: Personality: Likes: Dislikes"
  • Soap?
    "Let's go with 22."
  • Soap?
    "Check them out here. "
  • Soap?
    "If you want to. I got some if you don't."

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