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  • Hey Roboticlus Prime
    "You rang?"
  • "Daniel figured maybe he should find a book to read until class started. He walked to the library and started to look around to find an inter..."
  • "Daniel arrived at school with his dad. As he got out of the car, his dad said "You have a good day, but please don't get into a fight." Dani..."
  • Elemental Warriors
  • "Thank you. Name- Daniel Cosman Gender- Male Age- 14 Appearance- Short, dark brown hair, slightly tanned skin,"
  • "Is it too late for me to join?"
  • Hey Katqueen
    ""Youuuuuu're alre-re-ready low on aaaaaaarrows. You don't neeeeeed to waaaaaste them. Also, I thiiiiiiiink the bu-bu-bu-button is toooooooo ..."
  • 5
    "Alice started to approach her and Angel began to panic. Her plan was starting to unravel and it looked like there was no escape. In a panic,..."
  • Elemental Warriors
    "April said "Then we better go. Get some clothes on. I'll do the same. We need to get to Sun Spire. I fear if we wait till morning, it could ..."
  • "Ace began his morning routine of brushing his teeth and straightening his hair. He did most of this very tiredly as he wasn't fully awake ju..."
  • "Jumbled"
  • "Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal"
  • Create a Country!
    "I wish to introduce the black mamba to Rosella. Just to keep the rats under control."
  • Guess The Animal!
    "Hedgehog New Trait: Egg-laying mammal"
  • Create a Country!
    "Can I make a country?"

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