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  • "Avalon sat there with his wife and child until the look outside started to look grim. It appeared the rain had worsened into a storm and it ..."
  • 5
    "(Well now that we're here, I should explain a scary detail about Angel's powers. And it's a detail she doesn't know yet. When she has someon..."
  • Hey Katqueen
    "Annabelle said "I am way ahead of you, dear. I know of a place where we can find such a map. The orcs have told be of a map that could tell ..."
  • "Dorvakin said "Well, we can if you want to but I may have something that could help with that." He pulled out the Rejuvenate Potion and said..."
  • "Avalon and Lenore took their child back to Nagasia and to their house. Avalon put Lenore and the child into a large trough full of water to ..."
  • Hey Katqueen
    "Annabelle said "Indeed. I will just have eggs." Annabelle told her and Hunter's request to a goblin in the kitchen and he got right to work...."
  • Does anyone wanna 1x1 rp?
    "Dorvakin said "Only the same thing you know. None of the Blades entered the store on that day. The shopkeeper just saw them leave after the ..."
  • ~Family Roleplay~
    "Perhaps I should take the oldest son's girlfriend."
  • "Dorvakin asked "Are they called The Order of the Blade, perchance?" The shopkeeper said "I don't know. What I do know is that they leave the..."
  • Am I dead?
    "Daniel said "What girl? What did she look like?""
  • Am I dead?
    "Daniel said "I went to a psychic and, thankfully, she was able to see me. But she couldn't help me. She said I was a weird case in that I'm ..."
  • "Okay. Character sheet?"
  • "Dorvakin asked "They come in here?" The shop keeper answered "No. They just went past. Though I did see those ruffians that hate the king ex..."
  • "Okay. It's just the names and description of C7's parents made me think it was based off something. I would like to as C5 if th"
  • "What's this based off of?"

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