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  • "Mineko said "Well then let's go. We've been standing around too long." Ryker looked at the form that Charlie had and wondered i"
  • "Okay, I understand."
  • "How did you make those boards, actually?"
  • "Avalon continued to sing as Gineye played his music. This seemed to be turning into one fine sea faring adventure now."
  • "Jack said "I think it might be. I feel a little fantastical.""
  • 5
    "Alice said "Wait, they didn't show up when that ice guy was robbing the bank yesterday nor when we fought tentacle guy last time. How will w..."
  • "Avalon remembered the song from long ago and to make Finn feel better, joined in singing: "I used to have an Irish girl but she got fat and ..."
  • Avatar: New beginnings
    "Well, he was sent because his dad wanted to get rid of him so he wouldn't ruin his business. He can't do any kind of fire bending because it..."
  • Avatar: New beginnings
    "Name: Cobalt Antimony Nickname/s: None Age: 15 Gender: Male Occupation: Scientist Nationality: Fire Nation"
  • Avatar: New beginnings
    "How about me?"
  • "Mok said "Aw man. I was hoping for something fun." Confessional: Mok "I hate documentaries about me. There's too many of"
  • 5
    "Alice said "If my memory is correct, they were called and told to back off by someone they were talking to. I'm just not sure who." Alice th..."
  • "Jack set up more decorations until he came to the stage with Amethyst. Amethyst asked "So Jack, who will our mystery guest be?" Jack answere..."
  • Minecraft: The Way Home
    "Will said "Tammie's right. We don't have time to go look for sheep and regroup. It's already noon, which means night time is fast approachin..."
  • "Name: Logan The Dragon Gender: Male Age: 20 Species: Anthropomorphic Dragon Franchise: Sonic The Hedgehog Clas"

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