Pokemon Trivia Quiz

So you think you know about Pokemon, do you? You've played a few Pokemon games, seen a movie, maybe looked at some cards. . . or more. But do you have what it takes to be a Pokemon master?

Do you know the different elements? Which Pokemon are strongest and largest? How Pokemon evolve? If you think you know everything there is to know about Pokemon, dare to enter this quiz and prove it!

Created by: Will
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  1. Which legendary Pokemon bird creates rainbows?
  2. Which one of these Pokemon learns Dream Eater?
  3. Which one of these Pokemon is the strongest?
  4. Which of the following Pokemon can turn into 5 different Pokemon?
  5. Which of these Pokemon is a fire type?
  6. Which one of these Pokemon is from Diamond and Pearl?
  7. Which one of these Pokemon is a ground-type, but goes in the water?
  8. Which one of these Pokemon does NOT have something growing on its back?
  9. Which one of these Pokemon is the biggest?
  10. Which one of these evolves into Monferno?

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