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  • Uhh for one question there are no ground types for answers bro

    Nightwing22 Mar 17 '15, 4:31AM
  • I hate pokemon. My brother got obsessed recently. I got 100%. I had to retake it because with the 2 fire types i got messed up. Can't wait to have my brother try. He thinks he is the best pokemon master ever.

    EmmyTheViolist Oct 17 '14, 2:33AM
  • I literally just pressed random answers and I got 45%. YAY RANDOMNESS!!! Oh, for you pokmon people, watch Lavender Town, Rotten Yellow, and Lost Silver. Creepy

    JTheGreat Sep 4 '14, 12:20AM
  • Two errors in two of your questions.
    1. In the fire type question, both Ninetales and Arcanine are fire types.
    2. In the ground/water question, none of those Pokemon are ground types.

    Roboticlus Prime Jul 13 '14, 8:45PM
  • You need to get these right
    1. Sharpedo is water and dark
    2. Arcanine is a fire type as well
    3. Don't get me started on the spelling

    Baconerd Apr 26 '14, 7:53AM
  • The one that said that which is the ground type that goes in water is wrong

    Thunder_Swift Aug 11 '13, 2:15AM
  • No offence, but your the one who needs educated on Pokemon. Half the names were spelled wrong!

    pikachew Nov 10 '12, 9:18AM
  • Aricanine and Nintails are both fire type... -__-

    JoelMH May 16 '12, 12:14PM
  • I Shall make a more factual Quiz! ^
    still got a 96% tho.

    swordsteen Apr 9 '12, 3:09AM
  • Ok so i have been playing watching and reading all about pokemon for 4 years and i got 73% so you need to first learn how to read so you can read about pokemon smart guy!!!

    wanabme360 Jan 8 '12, 7:33PM
  • i am the best at pokemon
    no one has beat me
    I AM.......
    ........ ..
    (dr amatic pause)
    p.s. get your facts straight!

    18erivan Nov 25 '11, 10:04PM
  • i am a pokemon master 85 percent i got em all right u need to get ur facts right i bet you do not even know all three things misty is scared of!!!!!!!

    pikachu9303 Nov 10 '11, 6:58PM
  • oh and i 100% agree with you shaymin because i have taken loads of other pokemon quizzes and gotten it all correct.

    siriusblack Oct 8 '11, 7:07PM

    siriusblack Oct 8 '11, 7:04PM
  • Hold on? I got 78% but answered all right (but of coarse some had several or no correct answer) and ninetales/gengar u can't really tell,. Depends on level

    Brawlking93 Aug 12 '11, 9:06PM
  • I didn't understand some of them. On the one that asked which one is a fire type, there were 2 fire types on there. And the one about the ground pokemon that goes in the water, there was no ground type there. Only one water type, but it doesn't go on land. :S Also, the one about Who is stronger was confusing. You can't really say Gengar or Ninetails are stronger than one another. You need to fix this up. :S

    Shaymin Jul 8 '11, 9:05PM
  • It was confusing because some of the facts were no were near right

    Ithorian Jun 25 '11, 5:23PM
  • I don't undersand question 9. But otherwise i got a A-. It was fun try mine

    Ithorian Jun 25 '11, 5:21PM
  • You are 100% a Pokemon master!

    You are a true Pokemon master! Your house is cluttered with Pokemon artifacts; you love to talk about Pokemon trivia and play Pokemon games. Congratulations on your expertise in all things Pokemon!

    siriusblack Jun 8 '11, 3:57AM
  • WTF?! some answers weren't even right.

    Kimsom May 24 '11, 8:13PM
  • oh jeez. pokemon master. right here. lol i played it a lot and know a lot cuz i only have an older brother and we watched the show, beat all the games, and even started a club (we bought books and everything..). I am a 13 year old girl who is a pokemon master. great. but if I'm not mistaken, some stuff was wrong in here cuz when it asked for fire types there was 2 there that were.

    Brookelynn14 Apr 29 '11, 11:01PM
  • If you're gonna make a trivia quiz, get your own facts right.

    Umbee Mar 3 '11, 11:43PM

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