How well do you know Cryptozoological creatures?

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There are a lot of hidden, unknown or unidentified creatures out there. Some are on land, on sea or in the air. Some don't believe but new technology makes us question what is real. If you see it and your camera capture it, is it real?

So how well do you think you know them? Just take this quiz and find out. If you do know enough maybe you can survive with them. Just take this quiz. Do you believe?

Created by: Roboticlus Prime
  1. What isn't another name for Bigfoot?
  2. What is left behind after El Chupacabra attacks a victim?
  3. Is Nessie the only Lake Monster out there?
  4. Where does Black Shuck usually appear when humans encounter it?
  5. When was the Dover Demon first seen and where?
  6. Which Folk hero supposedly had a showdown with the Bear Lake Monster?
  7. There is supposedly a werewolf or dog-like beast on Bray Road. Where is that?
  8. Mother Leeds had 13 kids and the last kid was the Jersey Devil. Where did it flee to after it grew into a devil?
  9. Which Japanese creature inspired the Super Mario enemy, The Koopa.
  10. Which sea monster is the most popular and recognized?
  11. What two attacks does the Mongolian Death Worm have?
  12. The Olitiau id most commonly seen as a?
  13. Which creature has been officially confirmed by science?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Cryptozoological creatures?