Do you know Spongebob?

Many people watch spongebob, but only some are true fans. Spongebob is pretty awesome once you start watching it. Who is Spongebob? A cute yellow spongey guy who just wants to have fun!!!

Are you a true spongebob fan? Do you have the right to get a 100? Start studying because you are about to take the official Spongebob quiz! In a few minutes we will all truely see your level

Created by: maya

  1. What is the first episode?
  2. What is Mr.Krabs enemy?
  3. Who lives under a rock?
  4. What is Spongebob's job?
  5. What is Spongebob's hobby?
  6. What is the lifeguards name?
  7. What is Spongebobs boating teachers name?
  8. What is spongebobs pet?
  9. What is spongebobs pet named?
  10. What animal is Sandy?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Spongebob?