How old do you act?

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While you may be 13, 50, 37, many people do not act their age. While it may seem strange, you may act more like a toddler than people have your age do!

Do YOU act your age? Do you act older? Younger? While you may only have a general estimate, this quiz may help you! In just a few clicks of your mouse you will find out how old you really act!

Created by: Amberjewel
  1. Have you been to collage?
  2. Do you consider yourself insane?
  3. *Role play* Elminine locks you and Duststorm in the wolf rider dungeon for being Valkyries. You...
  4. Do you want kids?
  5. Where would a nice retreat be?
  6. Am I lame?
  7. You see a pit bull who's starving, ugly, and about to "leave this world". He's got cuts all over him and people are just ignoring him. You...
  8. Do you know how to program computers?
  9. How old do you wish to be?
  10. Do you ever go outside?
  11. Are you a fun person?

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Quiz topic: How old do I act?