What To Name Your Reborn toddler Girl

This quiz is going to help you find the perfect name that suits your reborn toddler girl. This quiz is based on how the doll looks. I hope you like it!

You might not use the name from this quiz for your toddler, but i think it will probably find you a good name that really suits your reborn toddler girl.

Created by: miranda

  1. What color is her hair?
  2. What is her hair type?
  3. What is her eye color?
  4. What is her skin tone?
  5. Facial Expression?
  6. Sitting or standing legs?
  7. What type of names do you like?
  8. What is her style?
  9. Do you think that you will actually use the name that is selected for your toddler?
  10. Is your toddler from a good artist and painted nicely?

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