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  • How old do you act?
    [published: Jun 17, 2014, 143 comments]

    While you may be 13, 50, 37, many people do not act their age. While it may seem strange, you may act more……

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  • "Sorry. Still getting used to the website. And I misunderstood your post. Can you forgive me?"
  • Frozen RPG *sign ups*
    "@MistyHeart RPG is another word for RP. It stands for Role Play Game."
  • Frozen RPG *sign ups*
    "Sorry! I made this for a different website, so I forgot to update some stuff. *New* updated sign up info: RULES: I pla"
  • Frozen RPG *sign ups*
    "Alright, although I do not want swearing in my topics."
  • "I would like to report MistyHeart13. I believe she called me a cuss word, since she had is blacked out. She was mad that I had posted someth..."
  • Frozen RPG *sign ups*
    "Mistyheart13, it helps me also. And, did you just call me a WHAT! I do not tolerate people swearing in my RPG. (Also, ignore the PM parts. I..."
  • Frozen RPG *sign ups*
    "After Elsa accidentally froze the land and un-froze it, all was well. The evil Prince Hans was gone. Elsa and her sister were friends now. E..."
  • PMing players
  • PMing players
    "Is there a way to message other players? Thanks in advance! Also, another question. In the stats section of my popular quiz "how old do you ..."
  • I need some help
  • I need some help
    "Thanks. "
  • I need some help
    "I just joined. That quiz was my second."
  • I need some help
    "Thanks Kish! I was off for a few days, just got on, and decided to see what quizzes were on the first page. Then I saw mine, then when I saw..."
  • I need some help
    "So, my quiz "How old do you act?" Has skyrocketed in uses and now is number 15 on the top quizzes and featured on the front page (yah!) anyw..."
  • Softball
    "Does anyone here play softball? If so, what is your fav. position?"

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