Which U.S. State Should You Live In?

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Have you ever wanted to move to a different state to start a new life? Maybe you did but it wasn't what you expected. Take this simple 12 questioned quiz

to find out what United States of America state you should live in. From Hawaii to New York, from Alaska to Alabama, which state is right for you? Your personality says it all!

Created by: IcyDesignns
  1. Would you consider/ever consider yourself as being redneck?
  2. Do you like to swim and surf?
  3. Do you like to party?
  4. How do you feel about being surrounded by a different race?
  5. Where's Broadway?
  6. How do you feel about snow?
  7. Out of these, what is your favorite sport?
  8. Do you like dangerous/adventurous stuff?
  9. What's your favorite fruit?
  10. Bye....

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Quiz topic: Which U.S. State should I Live In?