How Pennsylvanian are you?

There are many people who live in PA and think they know PA! This quiz is to test the true central PA people! A pennsylvanian is someone who knows their state from city to amish folks! And they see their state as the greatest ever!

Are YOU a true pennsylvanian? Do you have the knowledge of what is around you and where you really grew up? or do you try to avoid the fact you grew up in "amish country"? its alright, pa isnt that bad of a state! In minutes you will find out....

Created by: Stori
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  1. When traveling on major road ways, its normal to see horse droppings on the side of the road
  2. You know what a horse and buggy are.
  3. Your town goes to the extreme to decorate for Christmas.
  4. Your graduation class had under 200 people.
  5. When you go to the grocery store, you know just about everyone there.
  6. Your town has their own mini NYC on new years eve.
  7. You know what Amish are
  8. When you look out your window, you are more likely to see what?
  9. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are considered "the City" for you.
  10. You love going to the Farm Show
  11. You have to travel atleast 30 minutes to the nearest shopping Mall.
  12. You hate New Jersey and New York drivers.
  13. You love living in Pennsylvania (even though there is nothing to do)

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Quiz topic: How Pennsylvanian am I?