What U.S state should you live in?

there are many smart people and a few true geniuses you are gonna have a blast taking what us state should you live because it is very enjoyable i want to thank you all who took this quiz

have you always wanted to find out what us state you should live in based on your personality because if you did your about to find out in a few questions

Created by: G.B

  1. do you like to surf or swim
  2. do you like beach's
  3. Do you like dangerous/adventurous stuff?
  4. Bye....
  5. do you like to party
  6. how do you feel about snow
  7. what your favorite sport
  8. do you believe in aliens
  9. do you like people
  10. how do you act around other people

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Quiz topic: What U.S state should I live in?