What state are you from?

You can take this quiz to find out the state the most likely suits you and your needy self. We are all picky about where we live and maybe this quiz will help ya choose where you would like to live.

You are placed either in 9 of the 50 states that all have different personalities to suit you and your family. Answer honestly and maybe you found your 'best friend state'.

Created by: Briar

  1. Do you like the heat?
  2. Which type of natural disaster are you most comfortable around?
  3. Would you prefer to live in...?
  4. Do you like the cold?
  5. What kind of accent do you want?
  6. Black or White?
  7. Coke or Pepsi? (This doesn't effect score....well it might :P)
  8. Blue or Brown eyes?
  9. Basketball or Football?
  10. Are you excited to find your results? (No Effect)

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Quiz topic: What state am I from?