Five Night At Freddy's Quiz

Can you do this quiz or are you scared to play the game you dont ipeven want to play the quiz lets see how nooby or scared you are or mlg pro and brave.

Are you a gamer? if you are then you will heard about the game Five night's at freddy's its a story horror popular indie game wich have been playe by bajillion of peeps so yah it is the game quiz.

Created by: Juan

  1. What was your main person name in five night at freddy
  2. What was the fox name in five night at freddy
  3. What was the name of the bunny
  4. What was the name of the bear
  5. what was the name of the duck
  6. What genre of game is five night at freddy
  7. what animatronic that the tutorial guy was shoved in
  8. Where does foxy live
  9. How does the animatronics kill you
  10. (last Question)What was your job or goal in the game

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