Do you really know the Twilight saga?

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*THIS QUIZ CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS* Do you think you know Twilight? Well, lets test your knowledge! With easy, medium and hard questions chucked in, this will really put your knowledge to the test.

I hope you enjoy my first quiz. I was comfortable creating this quiz as I'm obsessed with Twilight, and the questions would challenge me too. ........

Created by: Ghostgirl

  1. How old is Edward?
  2. In the first movie/book, Bella has to go to the medical room during biology. Why?
  3. Can you name all the Cullens? (From book one-three)
  4. Name the books in order
  5. Who eventually changes Bella?
  6. Why does Edward give in to the change?
  7. What would Edward and Bella have called their child if it was a boy?
  8. What did they eventually call the child? (It's a girl)
  9. When Edward thought Bella was dead, what did he try to do to get himself killed?
  10. Where was Carlisle born?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know the Twilight saga?