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  • The Plot Shop TBC
    "**Something’s A Singing** C1 is famous throughout the land as the Heroic Siren Killer. For unknown reasons, the songs of the vi"
  • Super Hero Role Play
    "Sonia blinked at the girl that joined them, then thought for a moment. “You no what Leon, I lied.” She decided before taking a handful of th"
  • Super Hero Role Play
    "“Uh… Well, kind of.” Sonia replied, turning the snowflake into a pie tin made of thin ice before filling it with snow. “But I’m probably not"
  • Super Hero Role Play
    "“Nice to meet you all. Seems the incident effected all of you more than me.” She commented, lifting up her hand. “Though that’s just because"
  • The Plot Shop TBC
    "C1 is visiting their grandmother’s house for the summer vacation since their parents are spending the summer travelling. C2, their grandmoth"
  • "I won an award for acting as an understudy, but they called the girl’s name that I was replacing instead of mine and wrote her name in the r"
  • "Welcome to the country of The Internet, with Facebook as its capital city. Each city, each town, has its own culture, and in this story, we ..."
  • The Enchanted Forest
    "While Mary’s family spoke to Freya, someone else arrived at the butcher shop. They were a farmer with some meat to sell to the butcher. “I’m"
  • "Yes Summer you can join! I’ll post a starter so people can get started."
  • Super Hero Role Play
    "Sonia watched the others mingle from the snack bar before walking over to join them. “Hey, I’m guessing you guys are going to be my co-heroe"
  • "You can both join XD"
  • "Yup!"
  • "XD Yeah we can just go from simple plot to simple plot with this setting and base the plots off of events in GTQ"
  • Super Hero Role Play
    "(I tried to, don’t worry the assistants were told to expect people to arrive at different times) “Not at all, I’ll lead you to "
  • "Some sub plots I have in mind (other than the plots of our own individual characters): A group of people are claiming to be Saf"

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