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  • Would I Date You?
    [published: Apr 28, 2018]

    Before the start of every quiz, there are two brief paragraphs explaining the quiz. These are an important…

  • Are You Being Discriminated Against?
    [published: Dec 20, 2017]

    Sources: Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms My High School Canadian Law Class Are…

  • Are you a Pokemon Type Master?
    [published: Sep 3, 2017]

    I'd like to thank my brother for helping me with some of the jokes. And Google for helping me with…

  • The Improved Go To Quiz Quiz
    [published: Apr 28, 2017]

    The last quiz I made to see how much people knew about GTQ wasn't very good. So I made a new and…

  • How well do you Know me?
    [published: Apr 21, 2017]

    I drop lots of stories and facts about me on this site. Can you get them right on this quiz? Maybe,…

  • the Go To Quiz quiz
    [published: Aug 23, 2016]

    GTQ is annoying me right now... But I'm still making a quiz in it's honor!!! How much do you know about GTQ?…

  • Can I guess what you're doing right now?
    [published: Jul 28, 2016]

    I like to read minds, be batman, play with dogs, read stories... But right now, I'm…

  • Are you a Penny Expert?
    [published: Jul 25, 2016]

    You know, Leonard, and Sheldon, and Raj, and Howard... You know Amy, and Bernadette, and Kripke and…

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  • High School Dectective
    "“Hello Coach. Can you tell me your whereabouts during the incident of your team’s quarter back?” She asked."
  • A-Game
    "Name: Randy Peters Age: 16 Gender: female Sexuality: bi Nationality: Japanese/British/American Species (C4-6 a"
  • A-Game
    "I think I’ll be C2."
  • High School Dectective
    "Alisha stopped at the bright red door to the Coach’s office and knocked on the door."
  • High School Dectective
    "Alisha sighed. “Not suspicious at all, and yet still no proof.” She muttered. “Oh well... I have more suspects to question.” She sighed, set"
  • High School Dectective
    "“So you were the only person with access to it?” I asked, raising my eyebrow."
  • High School Dectective
    "“First, can you account for your whereabouts during the time of the accident?” Alisha asked, remembering many cop shows she watched."
  • High School Dectective
    "“Including his beverage?” Alisha asked, raising her eyebrow. “Everyone who has motive is a suspect. If I decide you’re innocent I’ll intervi"
  • A-Game
    "(True, true.)"
  • High School Dectective
    "“As tempting as that offer sounds, unfortunately not. I’ve been assigned the case of your friend’s sabotaged drink, and it’s come to my atte"
  • A-Game
    "(Agreed with the pineapple pizza problem. Fun Fact. A Canadian invented Hawaiian pizza. I am ashamed of this.)"
  • High School Dectective
    "“Hey Baxter, I was wondering if I could ask you some questions.” Alisha began, relieved he barely noticed her presence."
  • A-Game
  • Good Intentions
    "“I’m sure you can.” Michelle replied sarcastically."
  • Good Intentions
    "Brianna sighed as she arrived at the base. “Can you take him to his room?” She asked Rita."

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