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  • "Name: Olivia Dusk Age: 14 Gender: female Appearance:"
  • "Also do the Pokémon have levels in this?"
  • "Like regular trainers have to start with a basic Pokémon, do we have to start with a basic Pokémon? Or can we make a team of Pokémon we alre"
  • "Question do we have to start off with basics?"
  • The System {Group RP}
    "Astria noticed two other androids talking, but as much as she'd like to joint them, that wasn't her purpose here. Her purpose was to interac..."
  • Monster Hunters
    "Jean entered the hospital, feeling reassured to see Jason and Roman still there. "How're you doing this morning?" Jean asked Jason as he pre..."
  • Monster Hunters
    "Minerva looked up to her panicked daughter, and sighed. She gave Mia one job. "I was worried this would happen... I mean, I knew JD was goin..."
  • The System {Group RP}
    "Jane enjoyed herself at the party, watching all the different people. She wondered if she should talk to anyone, or if she should wait for o..."
  • ""I hope Heather won't be mad at me." Heather muttered in a mocking tone as she entered the classroom. So the school's signature trouble make..."
  • The System {Group RP}
    "Danielle huffed as she walked down the streets, looking for her sister. It wasn't like Jane to run off like this, or so she thought. In real..."
  • "Hailey felt reassured at the fact that he didn't want to see the girl he had dated, feeling that this confirmed that he cared more for her. ..."
  • Monster Hunters
    "Minerva woke up the next morning and started getting ready, preparing breakfast for her family. Today was a big day, today she and Henry wou..."
  • Monster Hunters
  • ""It's good to have connections in the human world. Besides, I could tell he's gotten a lot of rejection. I figured I'd help him become more ..."
  • ""So, want to go see where we go to keep an eye on the living? You could see how that girl's doing... Get some closure at least." Hailey sugg..."

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