The Improved Go To Quiz Quiz

The last quiz I made to see how much people knew about GTQ wasn't very good. So I made a new and improved one! This one involves much more facts where the ther one had a lot of my past opinions.

This one will probably work a lot better! The other got taken a lot of times, so hopefully this one dies too! How much do you know about Go To Quiz? Let's find out!

Created by: Magie Magic

  1. How many post are in each thread?
  2. What's the post time for Jrs?
  3. Who's the Go To Quiz Admin?
  4. What does C1 mean?
  5. In what? (Refer to question above.)
  6. How do Mods solve problems?
  7. What's the best way to level up?
  8. What's the Admin's profile pic?
  9. What kind? (Refer to Question Above)
  10. Do Mods like it when you share information?
  11. Last Question! Will you rate of comment?

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