MASH the ready for it? ;)

Remember that silly little paper and pencil game you used to play with your friends when the teacher was explaining something boring? It was so fun at the time...oh what was it called...?

MASH! remember that silly little game? Wasn't it fun? Especially that crazy future you'd end up getting? Yup. Well, are you ready to play again? Get ready for the new, improved version of M*A*S*H!!!

Created by: mynameismynameokay!??!

  1. How many kids will you want to have when you grow up?
  2. Where would you want to vacation?
  3. What kind of car will you own?
  4. How will you take care of your kids when they are younger?
  5. Which two names to do like for your children?
  6. What kinds of pets will you have?
  7. How many times a week will you and your spouse go out once your kids are older?
  8. How big would you want your house?
  9. What kind of cell phone will you have?
  10. What will you have for dinner?
  11. Last question, what school will your kids go to?

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