MASH Game popular

*READ HERE BEFORE START QUIZ PLEASE* This quiz is made for girls, so there is no girl names on here for the boys im sorry boys but you can go on google and find smash on there :)

Hey, Hey you, Yea you right there, do you wanna know your future well my quiz MASH WILL Get the future in your hands so get your hands on the mouse and start taking the quiz!

Created by: pancake098
  1. Hi guys!, this is popular game call MASH You can also find the on Google,so this is my version
  2. First question, How many kids do you want?
  3. Which color do like out of these?
  4. What place do you want to live in?
  5. What income do you want?
  6. What job do you want your husband to have?
  7. What brand of car do you like?
  8. Well im alot of questions so all of the ones under this is no effect
  9. Pick a smily

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