Do you know THE GAME?

Test your knoweledge about the game.Try your best and dont give up.Spread the word to your friends about this quiz.Enjoy my quiz.The game is madness.The show consists of witty,but truthful scenes.Whether there are fights with couples or comical scenes.All around it is a great show.

You may not know much about the game but try anyway.It is showing your live and passion for one of the best shows in the history.It is one of the most rated shows i know. Many people watch it.The ages go from twelve to like forty.That is a big age gap as you can see.This show is really popular

Created by: mido

  1. What is Malek's sister name?(how iis it spelled)
  2. Why does Brittany hate her dad?
  3. What color shirt is Melanie wearing when her and Derwin makeout?
  4. What doe Janay name the baby?
  5. What color dress is kelly wearing when she punches out Tasha?
  6. What is Tasha's catch phrase?
  7. What is Malek's cat name?
  8. What does Jason fix Brittany before he tells her "the big news"?
  9. What car does Malek's sister have when he calls her?
  10. Where do Derwin and Melanie get married?(officially)

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Quiz topic: Do I know THE GAME?