Twenty Questions

Hey, Carrie here. Have you ever heard of the popular game 20 questions? Have you ever actually played the game...through a quiz? No? That's what I thought. I mean, who ever thought of making a question-answer game into a QUIZ?

If you haven't played the game, don't worry because the third question explains the directions. For the first time ever in this ORIGINAL IDEA (there is no quiz on Gotoquiz like this one as I am writing this), you can play the game through an awesome quiz. So don't read my typing all day! Go take the quiz!

Created by: Carrie

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  1. DIRECTIONS FOR THIS QUIZ: Hello, and I am the Twenty Questions controller. You will be playing 20Q today, that's right. Here's what you will do. You must select either a rat, a computer, a dog, a diamond, or a tomato. Once you have selected, you may move on to the fourth of twenty questions (this counts as the third, and the first two are musts). Answer all the questions correctly--I demand this, therefore there is no "Unknown" button. Understand?
  2. Is your selection soft?
  3. Does your selection have a high value?
  4. are tricky!
  5. But I am trickier!
  6. Is your selection edible?
  7. You're thinking of THAT?
  8. Is your selection usually desirable?
  9. Halfway there!
  10. Does your selection need water to live/grow?
  11. Does your selection have hair/fur?
  12. Does your selection make noise?
  13. Ha-ha-ha I know what you're thinking!
  14. And this quiz is almost over!
  15. Okay, I just wanted to gloat in your face that I WILL win!
  16. ...
  17. One more question!
  18. Are you ready for me to guess your selection?

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